Alvin Queen


2017-10-16 00:18:22 - Deborah Ader-Sullivan
My uncle Howard Ader has spent decades playing jazz saxophone as a studio musician and at other venues. It's through him that I developed a love of jazz. It's criminal what our U.S. government has done by preventing you from entering our country, but I love your attitude about this ordeal. Screw them. It's their loss and our loss at not being able to hear you play in the U.S. I'll just have to go to Canada. I do have friends there. It will also give me a chance to entertain the idea of moving there permanently! I'm sick of what's happening to the U.S.
2016-10-31 08:36:04 - Mike Turk
Dear Alvin, Thanks for creating a great website about yourself. In this day and age everthing is twitter of Facebook, it takes determination and alot of pride to post your life story in a website. Many prople just don't take the time to read anymore. So, I heard your stuff up here in Boston on the Harvard radio station. "From I Ain't Lookin'At You" recording. Please continue to make great jazz music. I also grew up in the Bronx, Pelham Parkway. a different experience but on a similar level of economic existance and finding ways to get around it. My Dad was a jazz bassist and vocalist but, my family did not respect him or encourage music,...or anything for that matter. Anyway, you're great. Thanks for telling your story. Sincerely, Mike Turk
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